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Empower Yourself

Believe Life Coaching LogoAt BELIEVE Life Coaching, we are committed to helping people remember their truth, break limiting patterns, and live fulfilling lives.

We love helping people feel good and to live a life of integrity and alignment with their true spirit in every area.

We coach individuals who are ready for the next level. Request an application for coaching, or schedule a free strategy session. 

Bringing Mindfulness


The world is feeling the shift to mindful offices, mindful leadership, more personal peace and wellness.

Through our programs, workshops, and trainings, everything we do starts with mindfulness leading to a more aligned outcome that feels good. 


Master Certified Life Coach Tara Baldwin owner of BELIEVE Life Coaching, facilitates group and private life coaching sessions, teaches Life Coaching Certification courses, mindfulness meditation, and kundalini meditation, connecting the mind and the body.

She also facilitates team training programs, and wellness programs for companies and organizations. Tara has worked for industry icons, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and studied under Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Cloe Madanes, (recognized as a Master Therapist by American Physiotherapy Association,) and does media interviews worldwide.